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    • ・Any of the following acts done without the Company’s permission in which either a part or the whole of the Website is the target or object: reverse-engineering, decompiling, disassembly, sales, distribution, screening, transmission, presentation, uploading, editing, alteration, duplication, and other related acts
    • ・Acts disadvantaging or harming any third party and/or company
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    • ・Acts of or acts carrying the potential usage or sharing of malicious software, e.g. computer viruses
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    • ・Criminal behavior or acts related to criminal behavior
    • ・Any other acts of or acts carrying the potential of the violation of laws, regulations and/or ordinances
    • ・Any other acts judged by the Company to be inappropriate
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    The Company may make changes to the contents and usage policy of the Website without notice. Also, please note that the Company may either suspend or discontinue management of the Website. Regardless of what the reason or reasons may be, the Company will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damages resulting from interruption in the Website’s usage or modification of the Website’s information.

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    The Website uses Google Analytics and User Insight to analyze site access. Some pages are embedded with collection tags to allow for the collection of data regarding your usage. Cookies may also be set on your browser or existing cookies read. This data does not include any information whatsoever that can be used to personally identify you, e.g. name, address, telephone number, etc. Gathering this data helps the Company provide you with a more convenient usage experience as well as improve and maintain the Website. See below for more details.
    How Google uses information from users utilizing Google partner sites or apps
    How access analysis tool User Insight collects and uses information

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    Google Ads opt out page.
    Opting out of User Insight

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